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5 Foods High In Sugar That You Must Avoid

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4 Nov

5 Foods High In Sugar That You Must Avoid

As per various health researches, foods laden with sugar or artificial sweeteners can lead to a plethora of lifestyle diseases, including obesity, diabetes and heart-related ailments. As per the WHO reports, around 1.9 billion adults and 41 million kids are suffering from obesity around the world. Having too much sugar in your food – be it in natural form or additives – can make you addicted to it. And, when you are stressed or feeling emotional or bored, you will crave for it even more. However, not all foods high in sugar that we eat taste sweet. Surprised much? For instance, junk food like French fries, burger, and packaged fruit juices and soda. Yes, these simple carb foods easily break down into sugar in the body, further leads to a quick glucose spike.

We have listed 5 high-sugar foods that must avoid reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes and related diseases:

  1. Flavoured Green Tea

    We all know that there are various benefits of drinking green tea. This low-caffeine and high-antioxidant beverage is known to keep various diseases at bay and helps promote your health. There are many flavoured green tea that have gained popularity because of their amazing flavour and delicious taste. However, unlike your green tea that you drink every day (green tea leaves), these flavoured green teas contain added sugar or artificial sweeteners, which are without a doubt harmful for our health. Same is the case with the packaged Coffee mixtures we get – they also contain added sugar and cream, which reduce its goodness.

  2. Low-Fat Yogurt

    Having of a bowlful of creamy, homemade yogurt can do wonders for your health. Not only is it eaten as is, but also made part of various Indian delicacies as well – be it curries, raitas, kebabs or smoothies. Packed with magnesium, potassium, calcium, vihe low-fat version of yogurt that we get from supermarket and stores are surprisingly packed with added sugar and flavourtamin B-2 and vitamin B-12, this probiotic delight is a gut-friendly food. However, t to make it taste as good as full-fat yogurt. So, it is better to prepare yogurt at home.

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